Pegboard Hooks

Collectors Edition Garage’s Pegboard Panels when paired with Triton Lochook Pegboard Hooks provide the perfect pegboard solution. These heavy –duty hooks provide secure, accessible, and versatile organization solutions that can upgrade any space.  Steel construction, zinc plated with chromate dip to offer years use.  Unique 2 and 4-point contact system allows you to install these vertically or horizontally for versatile use.  The patented locking mechanism ensure the hook stays in place as tools are continually put on and taken off.  Easily attach, remove, or change position. Use with square holes in Collectors Edition Garage pegboard panels.

Variety of Triton Lochook Pegboard hooks available: 1” single rod (5/pk), 4” single rod (5/pk), 1” double rod (5/pk), 3” double rod (5/pk), 3 7/8” curved hook (5/pk), single ring (5/pk), multi-ring holder (2/pk), double closed end loop (5/pk), standard spring clip (5/pk), extended spring clip (5/pk), multi-prong tool holder (1/pk), pliers tool holder (5/pk), or bin clip (5/pk).  We also have a 46-piece mega assortment pack that includes a mix of the most commonly used hooks, which includes (5) 1” single rod, (5) 4” single rod, (5) 1” double rod, (5) 3” double rod, (5) extended spring clip, (5) standard spring slip, (5) single ring, (5) curved hook, (5) double closed end loop, and (1) multi-prong tool holder.

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